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About Zindo

Transforming A/R Management for Enhanced Cash Flow and Efficiency.

At Zindo, we are driven by a singular vision: to revolutionize the way businesses manage and collect their aging accounts receivable (A/R). As a cutting-edge SaaS company, we specialize in providing advanced, technology-driven solutions that streamline the collection process, ensuring businesses can improve their cash flow and financial health without disrupting their existing operations.
Business Model

Risk-Free, Cost-Effective A/R Collections for Over 10,000 Businesses

Zindo’s scalable and profitable business model charges a flat 25% fee of the amount collected. This encourages businesses to hand over their old accounts, knowing there is no risk if collections are unsuccessful. The model significantly reduces the cost compared to traditional collection agencies or legal services. Targeting over 10,000 businesses struggling with internal processes or using other collection methods, Zindo aims to revolutionize internal collection processes, generating substantial monthly revenue per customer.

Why Zindo

Why Choose Zindo?

At Zindo, we understand the challenges businesses face with overdue invoices and cash flow management. Our innovative solutions are tailored to meet the needs of modern businesses, ensuring they can collect faster, improve their cash flow, and maintain strong customer relationships.

Lower Costs

Only 25% fee compared to higher traditional rates


Attorney-led collections without the hefty legal fees. rates

Clear Reporting

Real-time tracking and transparent processes. rates

Market Differentiation.

Collection Agencies

Traditional collection agencies typically charge a higher percentage of the collected amount with variable success rates and often unclear reporting. Zindo offers a competitive 25% fee with more reliable results.


Legal services can be very expensive, often charging an hourly rate plus a percentage of the recovered amount. Zindo provides the same level of professionalism and success for a straightforward 25% fee, with contemporaneous reporting to keep businesses informed.

Zindo Revenue Booster.

The Zindo Revenue Booster is a SaaS plugin that integrates with popular accounting software such as QuickBooks, Netsuite, Zoho, and Odoo. This integration ensures businesses can adopt our solution without disrupting their current processes. The key feature of the Zindo Revenue Booster is its use of attorney-led collections, significantly enhancing the authority and credibility of the collection efforts.

Seamless Integration

The plugin easily syncs with existing accounting software, requiring no major changes to current systems or processes.

AI-Assisted Letters

Utilizes a tailored, AI-assisted approach to escalate attorney letters, ensuring each communication is customized to maximize its impact.

Control and Reputation

Maintain full control of customer relationships and protect brand reputation, as Zindo's approach minimizes the need to outsource collections.

Real-Time Tracking

Businesses can monitor the status of their accounts receivable with real-time tracking and a seamless, one-click review of A/R status.

Attorney-Led Collections

Delivering outstanding invoices through a law firm boosts the authority of collection efforts, compelling customers to honor their contracts promptly.

Transaction-Based Pricing

Operates on a flat 25% fee of the amount collected, incentivizing businesses to hand over old accounts with no risk if collections are unsuccessful.

Ready to Boost Your Revenue? Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of Zindo. Let us help you manage and reduce your aging A/R today.


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