Business Industries

Unpaid invoices can disrupt operations in Business industry. Zindo offers targeted solutions to help you recover owed funds quickly, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.

As pivotal as financial institutions are to the global economy, it’s intriguing that they, face issues with unpaid debts. Zindo steps in as a beacon of hope, offering debt recovery solutions tailored for the finance industry.

International Business.

International trade is one of the most important aspects of every nation’s economy.

Having to manage trade regulations within the US is difficult enough, but adding in the logistics of international trade poses additional challenges. Plus, when customers are late on their payments, things can get out of hand quickly. You have enough to worry about, and that’s where Zindo is here to help.

We understand the logistics that go into international trade, Zindo knows what it takes. We work with business and collection regulations all over the world to ensure that you get paid. Focus on maintaining your international client relationships, and we’ll be your accounts receivable team.

Don’t settle for less, Zindo It today and start getting paid.

Independent Contractors.

Independent is the key word here. We’re here for everybody at Zindo.

You can’t rely on some large corporation with a lot of saved capital and equity to pick up the slack in accounts receivable. Like everything else in your business, it’s up to you. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let Zindo help you get the money your clients owe you, with a small flat fee. Unlike collection agencies, we don’t require massive fees and we don’t keep a percentage of the money that’s rightfully yours. So give Zindo a shot, it’s risk-free!

Logistics and Freight.

There are a ton of moving parts with Logistics & Freight companies.

You have to pay for insurance, driver salaries, and a dozen other recurring expenses. These bills don’t just go away even if your customers ignore theirs. If your logistics and freight business is facing cash flow challenges, Zindo is here to help.

We have experience in dealing with the ins and outs of many transporters including train, container shipment, aircraft, freight liners, 18 wheelers, and more. Logistics & Freight is an economic need that we all benefit from in many forms. This industry is under extreme stress due to many issues such as competition, regulations, and limited workforce. Don’t let accounts receivable be one of those issues.

Rely on Zindo to relieve stress on your business by cracking down on those delinquent accounts. We promise it will be one less thing to worry about.

Office Supplies.

Because of your business, other businesses can run smoothly.
Why do your clients neglect their invoices? Computers, telephone systems, printers, and office furniture are all integral to your clients’ businesses. Your ability to maintain inventory depends on invoice payments. Don’t wait to Zindo them and get started on successful collections. We don’t even require a percentage from the account like most collection agencies, just a price that fits your needs. What’s more, we only get paid when you’ve been paid

Consulting Firms.

You’ve spent years & years building up your expertise. Sharing that knowledge with your clients doesn’t come free, and you know what they say about free advice…

For consulting firms, where the margin for operational efficiency is crucial, every invoice matters significantly. Zindo provides a targeted solution to ensure your hard-earned revenue is secured.

By partnering with Zindo, consulting firms can safeguard the business they’ve meticulously built and ensure their valuable insights are compensated, not freely dispersed. Zindo’s approach is designed to protect your bottom line while respecting the professional relationships you’ve cultivated.
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