Finance Industries

Unpaid invoices can disrupt operations in the food services and hospitality industry. Zindo offers targeted solutions to help you recover owed funds quickly, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.
In the finance industry, where accuracy and reliability are paramount, it’s surprising to see many firms struggling with the challenge of unpaid invoices.

Insurance Agencies.

Insurance policies are complicated enough, why add the trouble of outstanding bills from customers?

Booking disputes, invoice corrections, poor service, bad food, credit card reversals, denials, cancellations, and the list goes on. Don’t let these excuses hold your business back from getting what you’re owed. Zindo them and get those outstanding invoices paid.

Zindo uses a well-established approach with a team of experienced professionals to get you the money you deserve for the services you provided.

Providing beautiful and delicious food is your passion, collecting money for your services should not be so frustrating. Focus on what you love and let Zindo handle the dirtier parts of the business.


Worrying about your own accounts receivable is both ironic and stressful when working in the accounting profession.

You’re aware of just how detrimental unpaid accounts can be to a business. Without some action, these delinquent accounts will cut into profit margin and drive your firm into the red. Add that to the fact that the probability of an actual successful recovery decreases 12% each month, and you’ve got yourself an accounting nightmare.

Let Zindo turn that nightmare into a dream come true. Whether it’s simply preparing tax documents or completing detailed audits, you deserve every penny your client owes you. So let Zindo take care of your accounts so you can focus on theirs.


In the business of finance, especially keeping and lending money, delinquencies will happen frequently.

The truth is this happens more than in any other industry day-to-day. Credit card payments, mortgages, auto loans…there are many opportunities for customers to promise to make consistent payments, and then to go back on that promise. Look at the national delinquency rate for consumer loans at 2.3%! The number might look small, but it equates to a lot, especially if you’re a local bank competing with corporate giants.

Take action and Zindo your customers. The experience will be harassment free for them, and hassle-free for you. We dedicate our tailored strategy to making sure we preserve your relationship with your customers while getting the money back that you were promised.

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