Food Services & Hospitality

In the food services and hospitality industry, where customer satisfaction and experience are everything, the burden of unpaid invoices can significantly hinder operations. Zindo steps in to alleviate this stress, offering targeted solutions that ensure establishments in this sector can recover owed funds efficiently.

Catering & Restaurants

There could be several reasons customers use to get out of paying their bill.

Booking disputes, invoice corrections, poor service, bad food, credit card reversals, denials, cancellations, and the list goes on. Don’t let these excuses hold your business back from getting what you’re owed. Zindo them and get those outstanding invoices paid.

Zindo uses a well-established approach with a team of experienced professionals to get you the money you deserve for the services you provided.

Providing beautiful and delicious food is your passion, collecting money for your services should not be so frustrating. Focus on what you love and let Zindo handle the dirtier parts of the business.

Rental Property Owners

When tenants don’t pay, it can create a domino effect that hurts everyone involved.

Unfortunately, many landlords understand all too well the troubles that come from tenants who run behind on their rent. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, townhome, commercial property, or office space. When you don’t receive the money you’re expecting from your rental property in a timely manner, it hurts your bottom line and can make it difficult to plan for the future.

Collection agencies often use strong-arm tactics that ultimately destroy the relationships between you and your tenants. Zindo takes an innovative approach to rent collection that can help you get the money you’re owed while preserving relationships. When your tenants are late with lease payments, don’t evict—Zindo them!


The main purpose of the hospitality industry is to provide a warm and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Eventually, these delinquent invoices impact you ability to provide top notch service. When your hospitality isn’t returned, it’s time to get in touch with the specialists at Zindo. Let Zindo focus on getting you paid!

Whether your property caters to business travelers or vacationers, attention to detail is the difference maker. Memorable experiences lead to repeat business and customers who spread the word. It is important to handle collections with care, so reputation isn’t damaged. At Zindo, that is a top priority.

Apartment Complexes

Having tenants who don’t pay is a fact of life in apartment complexes.

You always seem to have at least one renter constantly late in their monthly payments or refuses to pay and breaks the lease agreement. Eviction is messy, time consuming, and disheartening for all parties involved. There is a better way. The Zindo way.

In this COVID-19 environment, tenants are capitalizing on moratoriums on eviction. Zindo provides a cost effective solution to this problem.

Over the past 20 years, every year there have been 217,000 eviction filings and 909,000 actual households evicted. Don’t let your tenants become another number in the hundreds of thousands. Let Zindo work with them to get their rent paid so they can keep their home and you can provide them a nice place to live.

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