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Your commitment to your patients goes without saying, but you can’t run a successful practice without the patient upholding their financial obligation to you. That’s where Zindo comes in!


You took the Hippocratic Oath. You have built your practice on these principles.

Practice ownership affords opportunities to offer the best medicine tailored to each patient, with one simple goal in mind: healing. So what could be the downside to owning your own practice? Getting paid. The average compensation for Primary Care Physicians is a ratio of almost 56¢ per every dollar collected. Not to mention, as deductibles and coinsurance amounts continue to rise, so has the uncollected patient financial responsibility. This means your practice is constantly in danger of your accounts receivable spinning out of control.

Stay in control by getting Zindo on the job. We understand the complications of the modern healthcare industry and its billing. Taking care of your patients is what you do best, let us focus on patient bills.


Sometimes, there are patients who don’t pay their bills. It’s a risk that comes with the territory of running your own practice, but it shouldn’t have to be.

On average, dental practices lose 9% of their income due to collections, and this number grows larger with each year. (This number also directly results in about 17.5% decrease of employee pay!) That’s both unfair and worrisome. How can you commit to providing great oral health when you have debt collections to worry about? Whether it’s cosmetic repairs, cleaning, or orthodontics, you deserve every dollar for whatever service you provide to your patient. Zindo can help you get what you deserve.

Our team at Zindo also understands the nuances of dental billing, including insurance claims, payment plans, and the like. We can assist dental groups, private practices, and DSOs to navigate their delinquent accounts.


Most pet owners will pay any amount to take care of their animals, but sometimes there are owners who rush to a clinic without having proper funds available.

It happens. But there is a way to get the bill paid without hurting the relationship between you and the pet owner. It’s called Zindo. Zindo focuses on crafting a communication plan that gets the message across without the pet family or owner feeling harassed. We know it requires a gentle, yet knowledgeable touch. We also know that most veterinary practices and pet hospitals are burdened with slow cash flow and often high overhead costs. Even just a few delinquent accounts can create a strain on most clinics.

Focus on getting the pet healthy and happy, let us take care of the unpaid bills.
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