Service Industries

In service industries where trust and client relationships are key, unpaid invoices can disrupt business operations. Zindo offers solutions tailored for these challenges, ensuring that firms can maintain their client focus and business growth without the worry of financial discrepancies.

Landscape Design

Running a landscaping business isn’t for the faint of heart.

You must find and supervise trustworthy employees, manage the cash flow to handle payroll, make sure the clients are happy and of course, the actual implementation of your designs is the most important part! Don’t let delinquent customers be another item added to the constantly growing list of difficulties to managing a business.

With your administrative team stretched so thinly, it’s impossible to chase down every unpaid bill. Often, it's easier to write off your losses and move on to the next job, rather than getting involved in the messy ordeal of a collection agency. Zindo changes that.

Builders and Service Tech's

A person’s home is their castle, and sometimes it feels just as expensive as one.

Of course, a lot goes into building a home—the foundation, the structure, electrical, plumbing, finishing touches—and just as much goes into the maintenance. It can be overwhelming for a homeowner, but at the same time you, as a business owner or contractor, must pay for just as much—the supplies and employee salaries. Those costs don’t just go away even if the homeowner refuses to pay their own costs. Ensure you have the capital available to carry on your business, and grow it, by using Zindo to resolve your delinquent accounts.

This industry can also suffer from volatility. New jobs pop up left and right, there are delays in the construction schedule, or there are missing parts. A thousand things could happen, so rest easy knowing that at least one thing is taken care of: your unpaid invoices.

Pool Companies

Swimming pools are a luxury for many Americans. They represent a level of self-indulgence that most aspire to attain.

Your ability to be part of that success sets you apart. You provided them with not just a pool, but an experience all can enjoy for years to come, and you need to get paid.

Zindo understands that most pool companies don’t possess a large administrative team that can chase customers who haven't paid their final bills. That’s where Zindo can come in and help. We can be the accounts receivable department of your company, so you don’t have to stretch yourself or your team so thin.

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