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Zindo was born in 2018 after Founder KC Ferrazzano, a licensed Veterinarian, found herself constantly stressed when clients failed to pay their invoices on time. She was afraid to turn them over to a collection agency because she did not want to lose their business.

KC turned to her husband, Mike Singletary, who would use his "gentle lawyer" approach to get her invoices paid. Together, KC and Mike have combined their unique backgrounds and expertise to create Zindo—a debt collection solution tailored specifically for small businesses.

By leveraging KC’s veterinary experience and Mike’s legal acumen, Zindo offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that streamlines the collections process and helps business professionals obtain affordable peace of mind by ensuring their customers pay them on time, every time.

Since 2018, the patented Zindo Four Phase Escalator System has facilitated $45,161,127.92 of unpaid invoices paid directly to their clients. This year's subscription clients averaged 180 accounts (at 15 a month) valued at $162,450, or $902 each.

The Zindo team understands the challenges that small business owners face day to day. It aims to empower small businesses with the tools and resources to succeed, and to maintain a healthy cash flow. Leave the collections process to Zindo while you focus on what you do best!

KC Ferrazzano, DVM


KC Ferrazzano is from Opelousas, in the heart of Louisiana Cajun country. KC attended Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and has been a veterinarian in clinical practice since 1998. She has practiced equine medicine, but now enjoys small animal emergency medicine.

KC rode and competed with event horses until she and her husband Mike started their family. They have three teens who are finally self-sufficient and are such cool kids! Their middle child has phenylketonuria, so advocating for metabolic disease patients and their care has been a priority for her.

KC birthed a passion project called The Ferrazzano Singletary Foundation to raise money and awareness to support children with inborn errors of metabolism, and to provide resources to support mental health in veterinary professionals.

Although KC wears many hats, she still finds time to prioritize herself by training for and travelling to compete in triathlons with Mike and their triathlon team.

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Mike Singletary


Mike Singletary is from New Orleans, LA. He earned a B.A. in Political Science and Government at Louisiana State University, then went on to earn his juris doctorate at LSU Law. Mike has over 27 years of legal experience in collection law, as a member of the Bar in Louisiana and Texas since 1995. Mike is passionate about delivering results to his clients. His sure-fire strategies have recovered millions of dollars for banks, insurance companies, and small businesses.

Mike's passion for Zindo stems from a deep-rooted commitment to helping businesses thrive. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and business owners, Mike is driven by a desire to provide innovative solutions that empower organizations to overcome obstacles and achieve their financial goals. His dedication to excellence and unwavering belief in Zindo's mission fuels his tireless efforts to deliver exceptional results for clients, ensuring that each business receives the support it needs to succeed.

Mike enjoys helping others to succeed and has mentored several young professionals over the years, which has come in handy as he and KC launch their three teens into adulthood.

Although KC wears many hats, she still finds time to prioritize herself by training for and travelling to compete in triathlons with Mike and their triathlon team.

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