Engineering & Natural Resources

Unpaid invoices can disrupt operations in Engineering & naturl Resource. Zindo offers targeted solutions to help you recover owed funds quickly, allowing you to focus on delivering excellent customer experiences.

At Zindo, we specialize in providing tailored accounts receivable solutions for the Engineering and Natural Resources sectors. Our services are designed to address the unique challenges faced by businesses in these industries, ensuring efficient and effective management of their aging A/R.

Engineering Firms.

As critical as engineers are to so many industries, it’s a wonder why engineering firms are constantly plagued by unpaid debts.

According to a recent study in the UK, the average engineering firm writes off around £10,000 of bad debt every year. Think of all the engineering projects that have gone unpaid when their work is so important to innovation, technology, and civil work.

Don’t settle for going unpaid for your work. Zindo your clients and make sure your work is valued. You already know how important your work is, make sure they recognize it too by paying you.


Let’s look at the numbers. Did you know that the manufacturing industry within the US comprises over 300,000 companies?

All of these companies’ sales combined equals almost $4 trillion every year. That is a massive amount of revenue (and salaries) within our nation’s economy. Unpaid accounts in this industry is just as staggering.

Without acting, your own manufacturing company could experience tremendous loss by simply not going after those unpaid invoices. Let Zindo create a clear communication and management strategy for your delinquent accounts. Can you risk not paying suppliers or employees on time just because your books don’t match up?

Partner with Zindo to make sure your company doesn’t experience cash flow issues that so regularly affect other businesses in your industry.

Exploration & Production.

Large invoices are expected in your industry. The impact of unpaid accounts can be exponential.

Cash flow challenges put a damper on securing new contracts, and entering into deals. All of this goes area with bringing Zindo onto your team. Zindo takes care of these exponential invoices, and secures your customers.

Your industry is complicated enough, with government safety regulations taking time and money to implement. Allow Zindo to handle those delinquent accounts so you can focus on creating the energy your clients demand.
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