Zindo Revenue Booster

Transform Your Accounts Receivable Management

What is Zindo Revenue Booster?.

The Zindo Revenue Booster is a revolutionary SaaS plugin designed to streamline and enhance the way businesses manage and collect their aging accounts receivable (A/R). By integrating seamlessly with popular accounting software, our solution empowers businesses to improve their cash flow and reduce overdue invoices efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Zindo Revenue Booster is ideal for:

  • Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): Businesses looking to improve their A/R management without significant investment.

  • SaaS Companies: Particularly those in Texas, aiming to enhance their financial operations and cash flow.

  • Firms Using Popular Accounting Software: Companies already utilizing QuickBooks, Netsuite, Zoho, or Odoo.

How It Works


Install the Zindo Revenue Booster plugin and connect it to your existing accounting software

IntegrationAttorney-Led Collections

Outstanding invoices are sent through a law firm, enhancing the authority of your collection efforts.

AI-Assisted Letters

Customized and escalated communication ensures each letter is impactful and effective.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor your accounts receivable status with live updates and an intuitive dashboard.

Collection and Reporting

Receive detailed reports on the collection process, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Transaction-Based Pricing

Benefit from our flat 25% fee on collected amounts, with no risk if collections are unsuccessful.

Key Features.

Seamless Integration

The plugin easily syncs with existing accounting software, requiring no major changes to current systems or processes.

AI-Assisted Letters

Utilizes a tailored, AI-assisted approach to escalate attorney letters, ensuring each communication is customized to maximize its impact.

Transaction-Based Pricing

Operates on a flat 25% fee of the amount collected, incentivizing businesses to hand over old accounts with no risk if collections are unsuccessful.

Real-Time Tracking

Businesses can monitor the status of their accounts receivable with real-time tracking and a seamless, one-click review of A/R status.

Attorney-Led Collections

Delivering outstanding invoices through a law firm boosts the authority of collection efforts, compelling customers to honor their contracts promptly.

Control and Reputation

Maintain full control of customer relationships and protect brand reputation, as Zindo's approach minimizes the need to outsource collections.


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